As I’ve gotten into running one of my favorite things is to choose a destination race and make it into a vacation weekend, IE: Racecation. This year I had three on my calendar as all my races weren’t local. First was Nashville that happened about a month ago, next up is the VA Wine Half which is outside of DC and lastly I’ll be back up in Vancouver again for Seawheeze.

While I’ve done these by myself I do prefer to have a least one running buddy! For Nashville I convinced Kristi to run with me and we made it into a girls weekend in Nashville. Full of racing, bbq and country music! You can get the race recap here and the weekend recap here.

For VA Wine Half coming up this weekend I convinced JJ and Bekah Lewis to join me. We’re staying at the host hotel so outside of wineries I’m looking forward to relaxing by the pool!!

And of course Seawheeze. Last year I went alone and had a blast. This year I swindled Wynsor into tagging along so I’m sure we’ll rack up the tourist points. πŸ™‚

These little get aways are always fun because I’m usually seeing people I don’t get to very often AND we get to explore somewhere new. Plus it’s a great way to see the US and other countries. I can almost use racing as an excuse to travel to cool destinations. 

I have no plans yet for next year’s races- who knows where in the world I’ll be running?? As long as it’s somewhere new I’m game for anything.

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