AUAM Goes Glamping

Luray, VA | May 20-23, 2016 | My grad school ladies and I made a pact to get together once a year since we now live all over the US. Last year we were outside of Denver in Crested Butte. This year we went to the east coast in NoVA to Luray, VA. Specifically a cabin on the side of the mountain!

So when we were booking I handled most of the setup and our original location got switched literally the week prior. Apparently there was nearby construction so they upgraded us to a newly renovated cabin. Little did we know that we would be spending our entire weekend in said cabin with no escape. 

The weather ended up being absolutely terrible AND the cabin was up the most ridiculous road. Like I’m not sure how my car made it up the mountain ridiculous road. So with the weather being so bad (torrential rains for two days) we weren’t sure we’d make it back up the mountain if we left. 

Day 1: We all drove in- me from the South and everyone else coming in from DC. The plan was to meet for lunch after I grabbed the keys from the cabin. However the road thwarted me so they brought back some lunch for me thankfully! We caught up for a few and then attempted to go to a nearby winery. We were thwarted again!! The winery was rebuilding their tasting room so even though it said it was open online once you dug deeper into their website we found that you had to call first for a tasting. WOMP WOMP. So onto the grocery store! We headed to the food lion in the area and got food (and wine) to get us through the weekend. We were prepared if we got stuck the whole time. Dinner night one consisted of burgers and grilled zucchini followed by ice cream and wine in the hot tub! Great first evening!

​Day 2: We woke up to clouds. Like the cabin was in the clouds and we could definitely not see anything. We kind of did our own things for breakfast and slowly all took showers that morning. We had lots of catching up to do so it was kind of nice to be trapped. We broke out cards against humanity for morning festivities- also a hilarity with this gang. For lunch we did deli sandwiches and then it was time for telestrations! Such a fun game and we had a blast playing. I think after that we had some snacks and broke out the wine. I mean it was the weekend might as well. A few of the girls went walking on the road while the rest of us got our chili dinner ready. Then I broke out the GoPro for time lapsed celebrity rounds. Celebrity is always the best!!! And end scene on that evening.

Day 3: Again with clouds- but they rolled in and out this day so we were at least able to see better. Breakfast was bacon, eggs, avocado toast. Lots of yumminess. We decided to try telestrations with cards against humanity cards- HA! So ridiculous and amazing and the best time ever. We had grilled corn on the cob and leftovers of everything else for lunch. I also prepped my mexican tortellini salad for dinner. We tried to do another hot tub round only to be surprised at how slow it would heat up- most of us braved it for a little bit but eventually we caved in favor of dinner, wine and more celebrity. Lots of love and laughter ensued.

Day 4: We ate up as much of the food as possible for breakfast and then packed, cleaned and got ready to head out. So while we had planned a weekend of hiking, wine tasting and cavern visiting instead we got mandatory rest and relaxation while catching up over 3+ days. I wouldn’t change a thing. 

​Can’t wait for next year!!

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