Clarendon Day 5K


Arlington, VA | September 17, 2016 | Time: 26:29 | A new 5K PR baby!!!!

At pretty much the last minute I decided to come up and visit JJ and run the Clarendon Day 5K. I had been struggling with ankle pain and wasn’t sure how this race was going to shake out. Thankfully it’s primarily down hill and that morning I don’t know I just decided I’d go for it. I mean the worst that could happen is stopping to walk right?

But to back up- so I had an uneventful drive to DC (for a change) and didn’t get there too late for dinner. JJ had been nice to pick up my packet so I didn’t have to worry about that on race morning. We grabbed dinner from whole foods (yum- things I miss) and then caught up on the couch before passing out to get up early for the race.

Race morning dawned and again wasn’t sure how the ankle was going to handle it. Had on an ankle brace so we’ll see. I got to meet up with the OiselleDMV team for a quick photo- I was seeing them again after brunch. And then JJ and I did a little warmup while we waited for the race to start. Then we were off! I told her I’d find her at the end or at the car. And then I don’t know I decided to go for it. With the first mile and a half downhill I thought if there was ever a chance to break my 2012 5K PR this would be it. I flew down the hills dodging people and trying to maintain speed. I was trying to push hard but still have enough left to get me back up the slight hill at the end to the finish. 

My first mile was 8:05! Crazy. I slowed down some after that- as we hit the flatter stretch of the course and it became very humid with no wind. As we caught the turnaround I thought ok it’s not much farther just keep pushing. I powered hard as we came across that last uphill and around the corner to the finish. And once I was through the finish gate I realized I’d done it! I’d broken a 4-year old record. FINALLY. Despite the ankle weirdness I’d been having the work I’ve put in this year has obviously paid off. Now if I could just break the half PR!

I grabbed a water and waited for JJ to finish up- she PR’d as well! A great day for us indeed. 🙂 Then we took all the snacks and headed back to her place for showers. The Oiselle brunch was a few hours later so JJ dropped me off for that while she wandered the rest of the Clarendon Day festivities with Colleen. Meeting the DMV team was so nice (since they are technically my team being in Virginia). We had a yummy brunch- complete with mimosas which I’ll recap more in my next post about Bird Meetups. 

After brunch I headed out to see JJ and Colleen, grabbed a free beer courtesy of Clarendon Day and wandered around a bit. We even stopped for a little ice cream before heading over to Colleen’s to hang for a few. SO nice to see her- miss my DC friends all the time. 😦 JJ and I drove back to her place and then took a walk down the block to meet up with Bekah Lewis for a yummy taco dinner. It was delicious and hit the spot. And the perfect celebration!

Sunday morning we joined up with a yoga class. Much needed after the race! It was nice to stretch out and I was reminded at how much I like walking places. Gotta get back to city living at some point. And the best part- SMOOTHIE BOWL. I had never really had one- JJ swore by the PBJ bowl so I had to try it and it was AMAZING. I now recreate it at home because it makes me happy. 

All in all another wonderful weekend in DC! Til next time!

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