Kate gets hitched!

Baltimore, MD – November 19, 2016 | Dum, dum, da-dum – Kate’s getting married!

Jon and I drove up on Friday because I had sort of volunteered him to conduct the choir during Kate and Matt’s ceremony. I-81 isn’t my favorite drive but we managed to get through Virginia and over to Baltimore while avoiding DC. We got checked in, quickly changed clothes and then walked around the harbor to the rehearsal location. They were getting married in the art museum with all its eclectic and crazy art. It was a little hectic but they were able to quickly rehearse the wedding and then the choir met outside to rehearse for a bit. Jon had been practicing in the car so he was familiar with the piece. However the choir needed a bit of work so after their night rehearsal they planned to meet before the wedding to rehearse again and Jon planned on learning the bass part so he could sing along. [I owe him SO BIG for this]. After the rehearsal we had some time to kill before the dinner so we find a cute little bar nearby and hung out til it was time to head over. La Havana was the dinner spot and by the time we headed over we were all starving! I chowed down on yummy cuban food and we met a few others attending the wedding. There were some really entertaining toasts from Matt’s family (I didn’t mention- but he’s a Kiwi from New Zealand). Then Jon and I ubered (for the first time) back to our hotel because while walkable Baltimore can be a bit sketchy after dark.

Saturday I got up and ran around the harbor. It was unseasonably warm so I was in a tank and shorts but cranked out 6 miles with beautiful views the whole time. Then I met Jon back at the hotel for a quick breakfast. I was headed to the bridal luncheon around 11:30 so didn’t want to eat too much before. A shower and outfit change and I met Meredith to walk over since she was staying at our hotel. I helped mix up the mimosas and then we all enjoyed a really tasty lunch while the girls were getting their hair done. A nice break in the day. Jon was out in the harbor watching football so I met up with him- again it was such a beautiful day. We hung out in the Power Plant area for a bit and then headed back to the hotel to change for the wedding. We had to be back at little early so he could rehearse the choir again. Luckily I did not have to sing! And then finally it was time for the wedding!

A totally nontraditional but still religious ceremony was had. And lots of music. The choir pulled off a great performance and then it was time to party! We headed upstairs for appetizers and to enjoy the rest of the evening. Really tasty food stations and then cake! The dancing was fun- a little more dance hits would have been nice but I can dance to anything so we still had a good time. Congrats to Matt and Kate!

We headed back to the hotel after since we were exhausted and didn’t feel up for an after party. (We’re such old people now). On Sunday morning I got up and ran another 3 miles in the harbor. Of course now it was 20+ degrees cooler (crazy weather) but still a nice run. Then a little hotel breakfast, packing up and getting back on the road. Always a good time in Baltimore!

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