Ridgewood Turkey Trot

Raleigh, NC | November 26, 2016 | Time: 46:39 | Once we knew our plans for Thanksgiving this year I went ahead and registered for a turkey trot. I feel so much better stuffing my face later in the day if I’ve run that morning. Since we started in Raleigh this year I ran one there. I also got to meet up with Brooklyn and Mary Ellen too. Brooklyn has graciously picked up my bib and t-shirt so I met up with them prior to race start. I had originally planned to wear a long sleeve shirt under my singlet but then it ended up once again being unseasonably warm so I ditched the longsleeve for the run. 

We took a few pre-race photos and then we were off! It was crowded in the beginning and I lost the girls in the shuffle and was on cruise as we headed down many hills. I figured I would get going here as I knew the hills would slow me down coming back. I actually felt pretty good running and was enjoying myself. Then we hit the hills. UGH. It was rough pushing back up but thankfully a light rain began to fall which cooled me off a bit. And then boom through the finish line. Not a PR but a nice, solid race for me. 

Saw the other girls come in and then we all headed out and onto Thanksgiving festivities! A fun way to start the day!

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