Training Update

As you can see it’s been a while since I checked in! I developed tendinitis in my ankle right before Seawheeze so I’ve been taking time off here and there trying to see if it would dissapate. I did step up my treadmill walking though in an effort to keep on track with Run The Year.

Highlights from the fall included besting my 4 year old 5K PR! And that was with a sore ankle. Felt good to leave it all out there though. I also got within 30 secs of my half PR with Brooklyn in Myrtle Beach in October. And in November I got to run with Lauren Fleshman and participate in a marathon relay.

So despite the ‘break’ I was still putting in some work. December is much of the same, walking and running to hit my year end goal. Then I think it’ll be a couple week break from running while I really let things heal. You’ll find me on the spin bike or lifting weights in the interim- gotta get work done in a different way!

September Miles: 43.6 
October Miles: 95.4
November Miles: 61

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