Run The Year 2016 COMPLETE!

January 1, 2016 – December 31, 2016 | 1008 Miles Complete! I ran, walked, crawled to the end of this challenge. When Kristi and I signed up last January I thought I really would be able to run 1008 miles in 2016. 84 miles a month did not seem too bad. Of course I didn’t factor in injury (that happened multiple times). So by the time December came around I realized I was gonna have to walk (and run) quite a bit to get to the end.

Thankfully though I made it! I ended up running 820 miles and walking the rest. Still quite the accomplishment since my largest running year prior was in 2013 when I successfully ran just under 500 miles. 

I’m incredibly proud of myself and hope to top this number in 2017. I did not sign up for the challenge again just in case life gets in the way but it is on my 2017 goal list.

Monthly Breakdown (running only:
January: 70
February: 100
March: 68
April: 40
May: 41
June: 90
July: 66
August: 70
September: 44
October: 95
November: 61
December: 75

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