Holiday Travels

December 2016 | Wilmington, Raleigh, Waynesville, NC & Rehoboth Beach, DE | The holidays. It’s always nice to have a break but still a little stressful trying to cram so much in while being away from work!

This year we started our festivities in Wilmington the week prior to xmas. I grabbed Jon from the airport (he was coming from a conference in Chicago) and then we settled down for a day of food, presents and family time. It was nice to visit with everyone and be at the beach (even if it was brief). The next morning Jon and I got up for a run- I did 6 while he did 3 and grabbed coffee while I finished. Love running out there- so nice and flat and with a nice breeze.

We had to come back to Blacksburg for a few days to work but then were back in Raleigh on Wednesday. I got to see Kristi, Kate and Matt, JJ, Caitlin and their Kevins, and Andrew and Kevin (Jon’s friends). It was great catching up with everyone! We also had a lot of family stuff and I got some runs in as well. Lots of food, desserts, hanging out. Was nice to relax a bit. Then it was xmas morning, we had a nice breakfast with everyone and then got on the road to Waynesville. 

More food, presents, festivities followed by some holiday drinking and Christmas Vacation. I got to run around Lake Junaluska a couple of times and we went into Asheville to New Belgium one evening. Then we packed up again- dropped off in Blacksburg- and then headed over to Rehoboth Beach. 

We arrived a day earlier than we normally would so we could watch both the UNC and Michigan bowl games. JJ and Kevin joined us the next day for lots of beer, yummy food and fun. I even got JJ to run on the boardwalk with me! We had tickets for a NYE beer dinner at Chesapeake and Main and finished off the night listening to blue grass at the DFH brewpub. Happy New Year! 

New Years day dawned and we had a delicious brunch before saying goodbye and spending the day wandering around town and watching football. Of course we closed out the night at the brewpub with black eyed peas. 

​A wonderful holiday vacation indeed!

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