In the spirit of Oiselle’s WheelsUP17 AND Destroy/Create campaigns I’ve spent quite a bit of time (like all of January) ruminating on my goals for the year.

Run a sub 2-hour half
Run a sub 26 min 5K
Go to RRCA training

Pay off Jon’s school loans
Read 12 books
Blog more!!

Travel: (these are mostly planned!)
Visit friends in TX (AUAM reunion)
Boston Marathon weekend!
Bird Camp!
Long weekend abroad?

I would love to see most of these come to fruition this year. I want to break through my mental barriers so I can build myself into a stronger, leaner running machine. I want to destroy this notion that I can’t enjoy life (take that critics) and create a healthy, happier me. 

Here’s to 2017!!

4 thoughts on “BIG GOALS 2017!

  1. Can’t wait to see you crush your goals! I hope to be by your side for one of them 😉 If not your first time breaking 2, at least at some point we do it together. Did I say that out loud? Goals other than meet new friends and drink beer?!?! what?!?!


  2. In my experience, people who say you can’t enjoy life and be healthy haven’t actually tried. I love your goals, and see several we have in common. You’re going to kick ass!


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