February Training Update

As part of the #WinWithOne challenge with Oiselle for February I made myself promise to keep up with my strength workouts while I increased my mileage… and I did awesome. I am trying SO HARD to stay injury free this year that spinning and strength are a HUGE part of my overall plan. Obviously I want to get the miles in but I want to do that safely and without pain. 

I’ve been following the 10% increase rule for running which meant my February weeks were: WK1 – 13, WK2 – 14, WK3 – 15, and WK4 – 16.5. This was also the beginning of my training for the GW Parkway Classic 10 Miler. So now on WK5 as we close out February and slide into March I’m looking at a weekly mileage of 18. It feels good to be logging some longer runs but I also feel so much stronger thanks to the strength work.

My goal was to do at least one strength workout a day (combined with either spin or a run). It has meant some lifestyle changes for me as well. I find myself going to sleep between 9 and 10pm as I have a few days a week where I’m getting up at 4:30am. Now if you had told me even last year that I would be getting up at 4:30 to workout I would have laughed in your face. But something about this approach and plan has made me commit to the change and I’m loving it.

Another added bonus: I’m toning up a decent amount which makes my clothes fit even better. No real plan to lose weight- more interested in eating healthy and getting stronger- but the change is still nice. I function so much better on quality foods, sleep and exercise.

May March be just as fruitful as I climb in mileage to 26.5 for the week. I also hope to continue with all my strength workouts and remain injury free!

2017: BestYearYet. 🙂 

RUN: 59.66mi
SPIN: 102.32mi
     3.5hrs of Arms
     4hrs of Buns
     4.5hrs of Core
     4hrs of Legs
     2hrs of Yoga

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