SW VA Oiselle bRUNch

Blacksburg, VA | March 4, 2017 | Well it took awhile but I finally got a successful meetup set with the ladies in SW VA! I reached out in late fall about trying to get together and it took until March to find a working date but we finally made it happen!

There are 5 of us now in the Roanoke-Blacksburg area and so I was itching to get everyone together. I’ve found the ‘team’ feels more real when you can interact with people in real life. Social media is great but yeah IRL WAY BETTER. 

We had scheduled to do a 3-4 mile on the Huckleberry Trail and then go to brunch afterwards. Of course that morning dawned ridiculously chilly so 3 miles it was. Brigitte, Krysten and I started out at the Rec Center in Christiansburg and ran just over a mile and a half before flipping around and heading back. We, of course, took some action shots for photographic evidence. I mean does it even happen if it’s not on Insta?

Then we jumped in our cars and headed into Blacksburg to Lefty’s for brunch. Sally met up with us for the eating. She is currently injured and not running while her docs figure out what’s going on with her knee. 

It took us a bit to order (too much talking going on) but then we all dug into delicious breakfasts. Lots of Oiselle and running talk, and general introductions getting to know each other a bit better. It’s so nice to have these ladies in the area- I’m hopeful we can keep growing the team presence here.

We finished up brunch with the promise of our next meetup. Highlander 8K in Radford at the end of April. Hopefully Sally will be well and we’ll be able to get Maria to join us too!

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