March Training Update

Wow! Will you look at those March numbers?!?! I’m feeling so much stronger these days. I’ve made sure to stick to my strict schedule of every-other-day running to get my ankle back on track and I do feel like it is really working for me.

As I’m moving into the last couple of weeks of my training cycle for the GW Parkway Classic 10 Miler I’m incredibly grateful to my body for not getting injured! Strength training and yoga and things I neglected in every other training cycle I’ve done. I also only did the spin bike when injured so this entire cycle has been a new and positive experience!

I’ve continued on the 10% rule for my running, gradually increasing as the weeks have gone on. WK1: 18miles, WK2: 20miles, WK3: 22miles and Wk4: 24miles. April just started toward the end of the week but I just came in at 26.5 this past weekend. WHOA. I’m feeling really good about my pacing and speed work. I’ve tried to make sure I take my recovery runs nice and slow (very hard for me) and then I have more power and strength when it comes to my speed work. As my mileage has increased my bed times have definitely been earlier- you try fitting in an 8 mile run and an arm workout before getting to work at 8am!! Hello 4:30am- nice to meet you. Some adjustments for sure but I’m happy with my progress and am planning to finish out this cycle strong!

So all things good in March! Really looking forward to what April will bring. I have 3 races on the calendar: BAA 5K with Jon’s family and many of the Oiselle team as part of the Boston Marathon weekend [SO FREAKING EXCITED FOR THIS], my planned race: GW Parkway Classic 10 Miler (going for a 1:30:00 goal!) and then the Highlander 8K with my SW VA local birds. Going to be a great month for sure!!

Run: 94.55 miles
Spin: 118.61 miles
   4.5 hrs of Arms
   4.5 hrs of Buns
   4 hrs of Core
   4.5 hrs of Legs
   2 hrs of Yoga

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