Volunteering at a Race

Roanoke, VA | March 25, 2017 | Tailchaser 5K | This was my first time volunteering at a race. What sparked the signup? The NC Volee instagram challenge I’m taking part in this year. As an honorary NC team member I get to participate AND the March challenge was to volunteer for a race!

I scoured our local race calendars and found one in Roanoke volunteering with Fleet Feet Sports. What I didn’t realize until I got there was that it was a benefit race for the SPCA and lots of doggies would be running too! The perfect volunteer opportunity. 

I received my instructions on Friday and was up bright and early Saturday morning to get my own workouts in before jumping on the road to help setup before race time. I had never been to the Roanoke Greenway area but it is really nice! There are some cute restaurants and the river is really pretty- I hope to go back for some runs and brunching very very soon!

Upon arrival to the area I discovered the road into the greenway area was already closed off (although I found out later that is just a suggestion) but I found a place to park near where other runners were parking and then headed off on foot to the water stop. Had to walk about a mile, but again it was really pretty and the weather was just perfect on Saturday. 

When I arrived the main setup was already done by the Fleet Feet coordinator so I was on water cup duty. Fill 1/2 way for easy drinking and repeat! There was also a kiddie pool filled with water for all the dogs to drink from. And I got a snazzy neon yellow volunteer shirt for the day!

The race started at 10am and about 10mins later the runners started filing by. Of course the front runners were not interested in water but then there were lots of walkers and folks running with dogs. It was pretty warm at the sun was out in full force so at our spot (about halfway) those puppies were happy to see some water… some even jumped in the pool! 

Overall this was a great experience and I hope that I can help out and volunteer at more races in the future. So thank you to this instagram challenge for making me sign up!!

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