GW Parkway Classic 10 Miler

April 23, 2017 | Alexandria, VA | Time: 1:32:29 | Another new PR!!!! Finally busted my 5 year old PR at this distance.ย 

I wasn’t sure how this race was going to go to be perfectly honest. I had been training since February for my A Goal: 1:30:00. And while I fell a little short I’m totally happy with a new PR considering how I felt earlier in the week.

After crushing it in Boston I noticed my right hip was a little tender. I took it easy on my Wednesday run and it seemed ok but on Friday I was just supposed to do a 3 mile shakeout but it hurt so bad that I quit at 2. I figured better to rest it as I had put in the work at that point. So icing and heating and aleeve were my friends. I was crashing with JJ (who I convinced to run as well) and we kept it pretty low-key. The weather helped as it rained all day Saturday. We worked on a puzzle (perfect rainy day activity) and ate healthy the whole time. ๐Ÿ™‚ I got my flat runner together that night and then crashed. 

We were hoping it wouldn’t rain but that it wouldn’t be humid and muggy either. Turns out we got perfect weather. Started in the high 40s and stayed in the low 50s with overcast skies the whole time. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I think this is partially why I was able to get through it and PR.

Mile 1-3 9:11, 9:17, 9:24

I went out a little quick but we were on really nice downhill for about the first mile. Then I slowed myself down to make sure I would have enough in the tank for the rest. The first few miles my hip felt ok and so I just kept moving myself forward.

Miles 4-5 9:28, 9:36

It was hillier in this section and I was really worried I had pushed to much at the start. My hip had started to have a dull ache and I just though ‘run the mile you’re in’ and if I had to walk I would. Again just kept on moving forward until crossing the 5 Mile mat.

Miles 6-7 8:57, 9:03

We went through a nice flat/downhill area and I was feeling ok so I started to push a little. My original plan (before the hip drama) had been to take the first 3 at 9:30, middle 4 at 9:00, and close the final 3 at 8:30. So since things were feeling alright I pushed a little here.

Mile 8 9:19

Did not like this mile. My hip was really hurting at this point and I was feeling defeated. All that work and once again injured. UGH!!! So I just made a promise to myself to get through the race and then I’d take a break, figure out what was going on… if I could just finish. 

Mile 9: 9:03

More downhill thankfully and I was able to pick back up a little speed but really I was just trying to finish at this point. It wasn’t until the end of the mile that I realized if I could pick it up a little more I could still PR!

Mile 10: 8:43

I knew my A goal was out the window but the realization that I could still get away with my B goal even with the hip problem was so joyful that it pushed me to crank it even harder towards the finish.  Now you can see the finish line about a half mile from it (cruel) but I just kept moving forward (almost there, almost there) until I crossed the line beating my old PR by 1:15. 

That beer never tasted so good. ๐Ÿ™‚ Was incredibly proud of myself for leaving it all out there. Taking the week off is the best choice while I rest this cranky hip. I know 1:30 is in me and I think I could have done it if I wasn’t hurting. So hopefully that goal will be crushed very very soon.

Thanks GW Parkway and Pacers for a fun race!

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