April Training update

Welp. April gave me some high highs and also a big fat low. :/ I PR’d in both the 5K and 10 Miler in back to back weeks. I also injured my right hip and can’t run at all currently.

I was continuing my training exactly as planned- things were going great! I felt good about my progress and really thought I was going to hit my goals. I came pretty close to my A goals both times but with the unfortunate consequence of hip injury. At the BAA5K I pushed it a little too hard at the end and as soon as I crossed the line I realized there was a problem. My hip was really really sore. At the hotel I tried to work it out, rolled and stretched and we walked around a decent amount that day. By the end it felt ok and I was able to go for my long run with Ethan on Sunday with no issue. 

Moving into the next week I had a 5 miler scheduled that I took on the treadmill at an easy pace and had some tenderness but nothing bad. On Friday though I was trying to just run a quick 3 mile shakeout and I could barely run 2 miles. NOT GOOD. My big scary goal race was on Sunday and now injury strikes?!?! So frustrating. I iced, elevated, advil-ed all day and most of the weekend trying to rest, stretch and hope for the best. Going into Sunday’s race I told myself to just relax out there, enjoy the cool temps and not kill myself. I could feel my hip twinge a little around the 3rd mile and there was constant tightness after that but again nothing unbearable. I finished the race with a new PR but not my original goal. Still incredibly happy since Friday’s run had been so bad. But then I had to get in the car and drive for 4 hours. 

This was my mistake. My entire body locked up during the drive and I could barely climb out of the car. 😦 I was so depressed. I had 3 more races on the calendar! One of which being the following Saturday. UGH. I decided to take the week off from running completely, focusing on spin, yoga and other strength workouts. Come Saturday (which a full recap is coming next) I showed up for the race not knowing if I’d be able to run. Thankfully Krysten stuck with me as I hobbled and ran/walked the entire race. One of my worst performances but at least I had good company. After that I knew I needed help and contacted my GP for a PT referral that I started today. Fingers crossed I’ll get to the bottom of this and back on the trails for my last two spring races!!

RUN: 85.40 miles
SPIN: 67.38 miles
   1.5hrs of Arms
   2hrs of Buns
   3hrs of Core
   1.5hrs of Legs
   2.5hrs of Yoga

One thought on “April Training update

  1. I was so bummed to see you down for the count on IG after seemed like some epic months of training and racing! Congrats on the PRs, and speeding healing to you. You’ll be back out there faster and stronger soon. Hopefully I get to see once I’m in NC!


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