Total Eclipse!

Cullowhee, NC | August 21, 2017 | We were close enough to the total eclipse zone that we had to drive down to experience it.

Jon’s family had staked out a good area, with bathrooms, etc. that we could stay at while the eclipse took place. We were over in Cullowhee (where Western is located) about 30mins from Waynesville. We got there early and got a spot under a pavilion and next to bathrooms. We were in a nice park and took turns walking laps between snacks. 🙂 Finally it was time- we had special glasses so we could watch the eclipse begin. Once it hit totality we were able to remove those and it was crazy how quiet and dark it got for two minutes. I’ve never experienced anything like it- it was SO COOL. I’m glad we made the journey as it’s something I’ll never forget.

I took a few photos, not that the I-phone can really capture what it was like but it gives you an idea. A can’t miss experience for sure!

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