Big Announcement: TWINS!

Well, large life announcement on the way…. we’re expecting TWINS! I found out just after camp that I was pregnant and got an appointment scheduled with my doctor. When I went in for that first ultrasound (what I thought was around 7 weeks) actually turned about to be 9 weeks AND there was more than one baby. Ironically the tech asked me if there were twins in my family and at first I said no forgetting about my aunts ;p So guess I got that gene… haha!

We waited until we passed the 12 week mark, had all the genetic tests done, and made sure everything was viable before sharing the news with our families. It has been a whirlwind for sure since then! Everyone is excited! I have to say I wasn’t sure how I would feel about pregnancy but so far minus about 2 weeks of morning sickness it has been fine. I’m absolutely terrified that I’m growing two babies but at least this way I only have to do this one time. We only ever thought about a family of four… so bam instant family! I’m hoping to continue being active for as long as my body allows. And hopefully completing at least one race with them!

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