Pregnant running

When I found out I was pregnant I had just started my comeback from my TFL injury. I had cleared PT and was finally starting to get some good running back in. And cue life! Here comes pregnancy and BONUS there’s not one but two babies. WHAT? 

I knew that whenever I got pregnant I wanted to stay as active as possible. This was incredibly important to me- for the baby as well as for recovery afterwards. Well when I found out I was carrying two babies I wasn’t sure what that meant for my fitness plan. My OB told me I could continue running and working out for the meantime. She said I would know when it was too hard/too much and to stop. 

I slowed my running down A LOT and just focused on getting out there regardless of time. No real long distances- the most I did was 5 miles. My first goal was to make it to 20 weeks. I thought if I could get halfway that would be fantastic. Then I hit 20 weeks, ran the Richmond 8K, and felt great! I decided then I would keep going and reevaluate each week how I felt. 

Weeks continued to pass by and then suddenly it was the end of the year and I was approaching the 30 week mark! Craziness. The belly was quite large at this point and I had shifted to intervals but was still doing some running. I decided I was going to get to 30 weeks and then shift to walking and yoga only for the remainder of the pregnancy.

I ended up with 183.6 pregnancy running miles. Something I’m incredibly proud of. Now to continue staying as fit as I can before the little guys get here!!

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