Hiring a Coach

MAY 2018 | This year I’m trying to give myself some grace as I learn how to run again. I decided my best option would be to hire a coach to bring me back to life the right way! Plus since I had a c-section I needed to rebuild my entire core.

I knew it was going to take a lot of work and didn’t want to try it on my own… so enter Becki Spellman. She is also on the Oiselle team BUT is one of the elites on the Haute Volee. I briefly met her at camp last summer and my real reason for choosing her is because she also has a set of twins! And I knew she worked really hard to rebuild herself to get back to elite running.

The entire time I ran while pregnant I felt very humbled, just happy to be getting in anything at all while my belly grew larger and larger. I thought since I had made it to 30 weeks with running and then continued to walk and do yoga after that I would be in decent shape for my postpartum return to running. This is laughable. 

Walking was difficult in the first few weeks, let alone the fact that was entirely too sleep deprived to function. I reached out in April to see if she had any availability and if she would take me on as a client. Because she is awesome she found space for me and we decided on a May 1 start. I was cleared to run at my 6- week appointment (April 12) and tried a couple of days or run/walking but it was SO HARD. It was then that I contact Becki and got everything set up.

I have a whole postpartum core routine that it was way harder than it seems but I know it will put me on the right track as far as rebuilding everything that was sliced in half. And for now I’m working in intervals (run/walk) until I can slowly build up to longer distances and hopefully eventually get working on speed again.

Baby steps people. I’m excited to see where this goes.

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