Huckleberry Trail

June 2, 2019 – Blacksburg-Christiansburg, VA

So I know I didn’t announce it but the Caldwells are shipping out of VA and headed to Greensboro, NC! 

Jon accepted a job at UNCG (on a contract that’s more than just a year THANK GOD) so we will finally have some stability. We went house hunting in March, made an offer on a house, and close in a week!

In the meantime I’ve been slowly running and slowly trying to get my legs back and lose the extra weight I gained towards the end of the twins first year. I hadn’t been doing really far long runs but decided before we moved I wanted to run our local trail (Huckleberry) in its entirety. They had just finished the upper end connector and I thought why not give it a shot? No time goal and could enjoy it while taking as many pictures as I wanted. 

When I got out to the start- the views are beautiful but boy are they hilly!!! I got to run on the new boardwalk section through a marshy area which was fun and then I connected back to where I had run before. This end of the trail is especially hilly… almost to a cruel degree. But I told myself to just get through this and it will slowly get easier along the way. It was a hot, hot day but I got it done. 10 miles, 2 hours, lots of sweat and lots of photos. 

Super proud of myself for getting it done. Check off the bucket list!!

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