AU Girls Beach Weekend!

Rehoboth Beach, DE | May 24-27, 2019 | First we drove down to Asheville, NC so Jon would have help with the twins for the weekend. Then I boarded a plane from Asheville to Washington-Dulles. It seemed easier to go this way than figure out driving. Plus this was my first real weekend away by myself with no twins, Jon, puppy, or pumping!!Β 

I decided to go a day early to hang out with JJ πŸ™‚ so when I arrived in DC I got to take the bus from Dulles to the silver line train (one day it’ll actually go all the way to Dulles – but that seems to be taking FOREVER). And then I metroed to Ballston where JJ picked me up. I got all turned around with the kiss and ride as they’ve redone the stop and it had been ages since I’d gotten off in Ballston. We had a fun morning – got our nails done, went to Target for baby gifts for Colleen and Baby Thalia, and after a visit with Colleen we grabbed some lunch at a cut cafe. I was feeling a little queasy so we took it easy at JJs when all of a sudden a crazy storm (complete with tornado warning) appeared just as we needed to head to the metro. The downpour was ridiculous but I ran quick from the car to the station. It was a long ride up to Maryland but I was headed to Cara in College Park.

Of course by the time I got up to CP, it was sunny and not a cloud in the sky. Cara grabbed me from the metro and we headed over to Annapolis (after a quick bathroom break… because that’s me ha). I got to meet crazy Waldo and then we went out for dinner at a nearby BBQ place. It was super yummy! I had a sampler plate of goodness and tasted a couple of beers too. Then we watched some tv, relaxed, and called it a night. 

Friday morning I got up and went for a run at a nearby park and then Cara picked me up and we headed to the airport to grab Campbell. Then it was time for breakfast where I stuffed my face (after the run), a quick shower back at Cara’s, and wait for Wynsor (who was grabbing Elizabeth from the airport). Finally we were all united and it was time to head to the beach!! 

We had car snacks, stopped to potty at a cute ice cream place, pulled into the Dogfish brewery and tasted all the samples. Its crazy how crowded it is now compared to what it was like when we start coming 10 years ago. (Although I realize that makes me old!) Finally we were able to check into our weekend condo. It was really cute! About a mile from the beach and boardwalk area. First order of business was to hit up the grocery store for all the food and booze. Gotta enjoy the weekend right?! We ordered in pizza, played games and had a great evening our first night in town. 

Saturday dawned with a cardio workout for me, Wynsor, and Cara. Gotta get the workouts in even while on vacay! Then we munched on breakfast while waiting for Campbell and Elizabeth to wake. We headed to down to Dewey Beach and Dewey Beer Co for a late lunch. Delicious sour beers – PERFECT for me – and I had an amazing lunch of chicken and waffles. Then we briefly walked down to the beach (it was a little chilly out) before heading back to our condo for more games and fun. Cara had brought ‘Tiny Hands’ which turned out to be HILARIOUS. Really hard to do some of the tricks with tiny and tinier hands. We cooked a yummy dinner and at all the snacks and leftovers before calling it a night.

Sunday – Wynsor and I got up early to get in a long run (8 miles) along the beach. We started pretty early but it was already hot and got even hotter along the way. So pretty though! Then we headed to the beach! It was a beautiful day and perfect for enjoying the sun, sand, and waves. That evening we took on the new Dogfish restaurant. It is huge! And so different than the older one. It doesn’t feel quite as homey but the beers and food were still just as good. We wandered the boulevard afterwards with another beach stop before taking an uber back to our condo. What a day!

Finally on Monday, Wynsor and I went out for a much shorter run before heading back, finishing up lots of the food, cleaning the condo, showering and packing up to head back to DC. 

It was a fantastic girls weekend, it had been two years since our last trip (hey babies) but we always catch up where we left off. It was also a much needed break for me – but I was still happy to see my babies when I got back. Mamas need self-care too. πŸ™‚

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