Postpartum Running P.2

Well- you know how good things were going this summer/fall for me in my return to running? Late fall/winter was NOT my friend. First we were traveling all the time for the holidays, then everyone got sick, then the semester schedule was different and left me no time to workout like before, and then we had to start weaning. 


It was really rough. I was not in a good head space. Working out keeps me sane and with no time to fit it into my schedule like before I was feeling the effects. I thought after the holiday/sickness bouts I would be able to get back on track but once Jon went back to work after the holiday break, his schedule was different. Those 30mins that I used to have after the twins ate and before he went to work were gone. Their schedule was evolving and they weren’t really sleeping during that time as before. That coupled with Jon’s need to leave earlier left me stranded. 

So no time to workout made me cranky, plus I was trying to maintain my milk supply until their 1st birthday which was proving to be a struggle. I was eating all the time. So no working out and lots of eating meant weight gain even though I was nursing twins. 

I had thought once I started back running everything with my body would slowly go back to normal but instead it’s been all over the place. After they were born I immediately dropped all the pregnancy weight and was back to my original size. Then I began running again and was feeling great about my progress. But in the fall my cycle returned and with that my milk supply was all over the place. Thanks hormones. So more eating and then with the inability to workout and run but still eating…. yeah. It’s no wonder I’ve gained back about half of my pregnancy weight. 

Their first birthday is coming up at the end of this month, and while I’m incredibly proud of my ability to feed them this entire time- I am very excited about weaning. I’m looking forward to getting my body back and beginning what I consider my real postpartum journey. I realize it’s a year after most start but for me it will be when I can finally get myself on a schedule. I can get back to early morning workouts before the twins wake up since I won’t need to drain the boobs anymore. I can regulate my diet as I won’t have to supply food anymore. It is time. And I am ready.

Postpartum running has been anything but easy but I’m ready to start over again. Let’s do this 2019.

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