13.1 Raleigh

October 6, 2018 – Raleigh, NC

First race after babies. I had to use a credit with the race series so at 7 months postpartum I took on a half marathon. 

I was not up to racing shape but was looking to prove that I was able to do it. I worked with my coach on a plan that would get me to a good place to complete the race. Of course she had more faith in me than I did- giving me paces for the race that were really scary.

Race morning dawned hot and humid (my nemeses). The race started out on a downhill so I started with the paces Becki prescribed for me. I felt fine for the first few miles but once we hit the greenway section we were shrouded with trees and there was absolutely no air flow. It was like running with a warm blanket on. In that moment I made the decision to slow down and just enjoy being able to run this far again. 

It wasn’t a super interesting course- a lot on the local greenways. And had it not been 99% humidity I think it would have been really nice. But I kept going knowing I was capable AND that my babies would be at the finish waiting for me. 🙂

The remaining miles weren’t my prettiest but I got through them and pushed on to the finish. And when I was reaching the final turn I saw my parents each holding a twin and cheering for me! It totally made me cry. 

But I DID IT. I completed a half marathon at 7 months postpartum. My babies got to see me do something really hard. I was so proud of my body.  I’m looking forward at what I can really do with an entire training cycle behind me.

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