Postpartum Running P. 1

SEPTEMBER 2018 | 6 MONTHS PP | I know, I know this has been mostly a twin blog for the last few months but I swear I’m getting back into running. As you know I’ve been working with a coach since May. First we worked on rebuilding my core strength. When they slice your body in half to pull out two babies your abs are suddenly toast. So that has been a long road that I’m still climbing on- and probably will be for awhile to come.

We also started off with lots of run/walk intervals until I was finally feeling good enough to start stringing some miles together. It has been quite the process. I thought by running until I was 30 weeks pregnant and then walking and doing yoga until the twins arrived that I would be in decent shape to start again. But boy, does the nursing, the sleeplessness, the constant worrying, not to mention the surgery and recovery… I had no idea how much it was going to take out of me. Relearning to run has been so much harder than I thought.

But finally I’m getting to a better place. Still pretty slow but we are finally working in little bursts of speed here and there trying to remind my legs of what they used to be able to do. 

I had an entry to the 13.1 series that I had to use before the end of 2018. I settled on the Raleigh race in October so I could be with my parents and have helpers while I ran. 🙂 I’ve got about a month until I take it on. Coach is building me up on the weekend but my only goal for the race is to complete it. I’ll be satisfied knowing that at 7 months PP I completed a half. 

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