Ridgewood Turkey Trot 8k

NOVEMBER 28, 2019 | RALEIGH, NC | TIME: 53:58 | First big run with our stroller and twins in tow!

This race is pretty hilly – mostly downhill to start and then all uphill to come back. Jon volunteered to push the twins and I hung back with them to help get through the crowds. Plus I had just run Richmond so I was happy to go at a slower pace. πŸ™‚

It was pretty crowded at the start but once the crowds cleared we were able to maneuver with no problem. One stop to grab a dropped water cup but otherwise we ran the whole time. We ran into my friend Brooklyn prior to race start- she just had a baby in August and was just hoping to finish with a good time- she did great! We also ran into Jon’s friends Eric and Alicia while we were out on the course. They ran up behind us – guess we were easy to spot – haha. 

Anyway after the uphill climb at the end we finished in a respectable 53:58. First stroller race done! And the twins didn’t seem to hate it! Win.

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