Running of the Balls

DECEMBER 14, 2019 | 3.34mi | TIME: 38:44 | This was also the December Oiselle meetup for the triad region. Vanessa met up with me to run with her dog Luna. The twins were with me in our double stroller… and let’s just say the race was interesting haha.

So this “race” is really more of a fun run through a neighborhood to enjoy the lights. There’s no real timing so my mileage and time are based off my watch. There are no corrals but runners do go first while walkers are later. There were A LOT of people. Vanessa and I both decided if we did this again we would NOT bring the kids or dog. A lot of dodging to get around people… as many of the ‘runners’ were actually walkers. 

As for the lights- they were really cool. I think I would rather walk around the neighborhood on my own time on a different day. It was hard to enjoy them while dodging people with the stroller. Ha.

But a solid first stroller race for me. The twins seemed to enjoy themselves and watched the whole time. No crying or anything. And despite the hills I felt I ran pretty well!

It was great to see Vanessa and have company as we circled the neighborhood. So while we may skip this race next year, I’m sure we’ll find something else fun to do for December fun.

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