August 27-30, 2021 | Houston, TX | A visit to see Caitlin and meet Mr. Connor!!

JJ and I had talked with Caitlin before Connor arrived about coming for a visit to see her and meet Connor and play with Max. Of course this conversation happened in the golden window prior to Delta… So by the time it got close to come we all took multiple Covid tests to make sure we were negative and I got fancy masks to wear on the plane.

Finally Friday arrived – I flew out of Raleigh so my parents could keep the boys and take me to the airport :). JJ flew in from DC, and we worked out it so we’d arrive at similar times. Then a 30min cab ride later to University Park and we finally were there!

SO MANY HUGS!!! It had been way too long since we were all together (thanks Covid). Also Caitlin and Kevin’s house is amazing!! It was the perfect place to hang out all weekend with a cute baby and toddler.

We ate so well while we were there! Tex Mex, tacos, and homecooked food made for a delicious weekend. JJ and I ran on Rice’s campus and only got lost a couple of times haha. We also had all the pool time (because oh yeah they have one in their backyard!). JJ had to leave on Sunday while I was there until Monday (cheaper tickets) so I had extra Max and Connor time. We played A LOT of trucks and even watched Moana.

And the best part was we never had to leave to enjoy a relaxing weekend together, catching up on the last 1.5 years of Covid life. Friends who are family are the best. ❤

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