September 17-20, 2021 | Kill Devil Hills, NC | A wonderful weekend away with my fave grad school besties.

Actually getting to this weekend ended up being more a struggle than we thought! Possible Covid, crazy canceled and delayed flights, but we made it and we had THE BEST TIME.

Cara ended up riding down with Wynsor from DC (she was supposed to fly but yeah that did NOT happen), Elizabeth flew in from Denver late Thursday eve and I grabbed her early Friday morning to make the drive down. Campbell would be coming the following day as her family was in town for her nephew’s hockey meet so she was splitting her weekend time.

We made good time and all ended up getting there in time for a yummy Mexican lunch. I had super delicious guacamole… and while I really wanted a margarita I refrained since I had a big long run on tap for the next day.

We checked into our super cute beach house, and then headed for groceries for the weekend. We got all the provisions for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and boooooooze. Then it was time to get those CRUMBL COOKIES!!!

Then we settled in, unpacked, and went for a walk on the beach. It was only 2 blocks away!! For dinner I had thrown down SLICE pizza – and it did not disappoint. Then lots of relaxing.

We got everything lined up for my 20mile long run the next day and then hit the hay.

20 miles is far y’all. Thankfully Wynsor started with me in the dark, Cara met us in the middle for water, and Wynsor helped me bring it in for the final 3. It was so hot by the end but I got it done.

Then it was all the food, and time for the BEACH! We loaded up and walked over to pick out a spot. Thankfully I’d borrowed my in-laws tent so all us pale folks wouldn’t get burned 😀 A nice day of lounging under the tent, playing in the water, drinking all the Trulys, listening to all the music, and catching up with some of my favorite people. We finally headed back to the house to clean up, relax more and get takeout seafood from the Bonzer Shack next door. Campbell arrived just in time for dinner and to help us decorate real quick for a tiny celebration for Wynsor’s 40th birthday. We wouldn’t be seeing her on the real day so any excuse to celebrate!!

Sunday morning dawned with a leg workout and some stretching for me, some relaxing breakfast for everyone, and then it was time for more BEACH! We packed our lunches and the cooler bag and enjoyed another wonderful day in the sun (under the tent). The outdoor shower was fantastic for cleaning up after. Campbell had to head back to Raleigh (so many hugs) while the rest of us headed to dinner at the OBX brewing station nearby. Hushpuppies, delicious beer tastings, and yummy food later we headed back home with a little stop over at the ice cream place around the corner. YES. Should have come here every night!

A little moonlit walk down to the beach to take in the supermoon before watching some of the Emmys and heading to sleep.

And sadly all good things must come to an end. Monday morning dawned early with a short run for me and Wynsor and then all the packing and cleaning up. All the hugs later and Eliz and I headed out. We did make a tiny pit stop at Kitty Hawk Kites for goodies for Lilia and Arleigh and I to see the view up top!

SUCH a good trip with SUCH good friends. Can’t wait until next year!!

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