June 2022 Stats

Summer is HERE! so of course that means…. so is the heat! womp womp

But summer running makes for fall PRs (at least that’s what I keep telling myself as I slog through my runs every morning).

June was a good time! Finally started getting the hang of the IG reels (haha) and had some fun ones during the month.

We also went to Kitty Hawk for our annual beach trip and this was the best year yet! Kiddos were manageable, weather was great, and one of my run (and life) besties was also there so we were able to get in some miles together.

And of course I ran the Speakeasy nighttime 5K which was entertaining even it was still super hot at 9pm.

A really solid month. Nice to have a little down time before marathon training gets going! But here we go July… and the start of the build up to Marine Corps!

  • 30 active days
  • 88.9 miles
  • 9 strength workouts
  • 9 stretch sessions
  • 8 walks

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