Speakeasy 5K

Greensboro, NC | June 11, 2022 | TIME: 32:22 | Whoa! A NIGHT time race?! Starting when I normally go to bed? CRAZY.

Another race in my Race for Fun Series 😀 I had no plans to run speedily and only plans to enjoy myself.

I mean this race is in June (hello heat) and even though it was at night it was still HOT. Also the hills on the return totally sucked. BUT- it was super fun to run that late and just have FUN.

Vanessa was speedy and nabbed third in our age group. I think I was 6th? Not too bad for keeping it easy. 🙂

There was a little party after but honestly I just wanted to go home and sleep. HA.

So yeah another fun 5K from Trivium – might do another race in July might not. We’ll just have to see how I’m feeling. 😀

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