May 2022 Stats

May started off with a bang with the Elm Street 10 Miler in my run for fun series. 😀

I also participated in the #riseandrunMay challenge all month long – getting out the door for at least a mile each day. And those were all running until we got hit with Covid.

So yeah- it was a month. HAHA.

We also all ran the Race for the Taps up in Asheville (prior to Covid) which was hot and hilly and long but still fun for everyone. Especially the kiddos.

And then yep- Covid. No bueno. I walked with puppy for a couple of days until the majority of my symptoms were gone. Then it was a slow build back up to regularly scheduled programming.

Closed out the month strong despite the brief sickness.

Looking forward to lots of easy miles in June, another for fun race, and a week at the beach! Then it’ll be time to start marathon training for Marine Corps. Eek!

  • 31 days active
  • 103.6 miles
  • 11 strength workouts
  • 8 stretch sessions
  • 5 walks
  • 1 bout of covid

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