Race to the Taps

Asheville, NC | May 21, 2022 | TIME: 35:36 (3.3Mi) | Hot, Hilly, Long Course…

Well this was SUPPOSED to be a 5K… womp womp. We passed the 3mi marker with so much more to go it was laughable. DO BETTER AT MEASURING YOUR COURSES!!!

Anyway- I wasn’t racing for time – just going out for a run 5K. And thankfully this was the case because we literally ran straight up hill for most of the 2nd mile. You can look at my splits- they are hilarious. 12-something pace in mile 2, 8-something pace in mile 3. HA.

It was also ridiculously hot – because well MAY and at 11am- like honestly did anyone think this through?!

Good parts of the day – watching my kiddos run across the finish line for fun. Eating delicious fancy grilled cheese sandwiches afterwards. And enjoying free beer from New Belgium.

So another 5K in the books for my spring/summer runs for fun. There’s another of these in the fall – perhaps we’ll be in town and maybe just maybe it’ll be a little bit cooler, and little less hilly, and the course will be measured properly. 😀

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