Elm Street 10 Miler

Greensboro, NC | May 1, 2022 | Time: 1:46:28 | Whooowheee it was HOTTTTT and HILLLLLLYY!

Another ‘just for fun’ race! I needed a long run of 8 and due to the hubs schedule was going to have to run on Sunday anyway so why not tack on another couple of miles and join Vanessa in the race? HA.

This is the first time I have paced myself during a race to use a training run instead of going full throttle race mode. It was definitely a different experience. I was hot and there were a lot of hills (especially on the way back) but I maintained pace and actually felt pretty good at the end. Like I still had some juice left in the tank and could have gone faster. So I’m calling this race a win (even though it was a slow 10 miler for me PR-wise).

I got to hang with Vanessa again and we had a good time! Looking forward to the Speakeasy 5K in June. 😀

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