November 2022 Stats

It has been a month y’all. I took about a week off completely before starting some short walking, getting some movement back in my legs. It was necessary- my body was TRASH after the race.

I started lifting again – and upped my weights each week. Closed the month out doing 25lbs for chest/back work and 20-15 drop sets for bis/tris/shoulders. Really proud of my progress in this area. First time lifting this heavy.

One small drawback is due to some weird tenderness in my right knee- I cut back lower body weights and walking to help it go away.

As we got toward the end of the month, I was able to work back in my walks but still haven’t gone for lower body weight work. Hoping to bring that back in December.

And of course no running! Honestly it’s been nice, I haven’t missed it. But I am looking forward trying to decide what my plans are for next year and what I want to work on. Here’s to figuring that out and nailing it down next month, so I can get going in January!

Bring on the final month of the year! I’m ready for you December!

  • 37.9 walking miles
  • 17 strength workouts
  • 5 PT/Stretch sessions
  • 0 runs!

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