Motor City March

Michigan | March 16-17, 2013 | A visit to see Jon. And he had actually made plans! well Derek made them, but it was the thought that counted. Β 

We started out eating lunch at Frita Batido’s – fried plantains, black bean burger with guacamole and fries on the burger. yes, yes, and yes. Loved it. Then the took me on a walk around campus, through the art museum and the law school library which resembled a cathedral. Of course lots of campus was partying for St. Paddy’s day – never before had I seen shimmery green leggings in bulk. I was treated to delicious cupcakes and seas salt hot chocolate in the afternoon before we headed to a steak dinner at Knight’s. A lovely day.

Sunday we decided to venture in to Detroit. I’d never been and neither had Jon despite the fact that he’s lived in Ann Arbor for a couple of years now. We walked the river walk which was partially covered in snow and therefore deserted. It’s really nice down there despite Detroit being so empty. We ate brunch at Union Street where I got to have a blackberry mimosa. Pretty tasty. The Detroit Institute of Art was nearby so we popped in for a little bit to take in some culture for the day. Our last stop was to Green Dot Stables taking in some green grub for the holiday. We headed back to Ann Arbor to enjoy some ice cream and watching The Avengers

Always enjoy visiting Jon, looking forward to being in the same place in another year.

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