Nike Women’s Half Marathon

Washington, DC | April 28, 2013 | Time: 2:07:30 | Beautiful day. Upbeat race. Loved all the women empowerment. As always running through the streets of DC is a little surreal even though I live here. It was a great day for a race, nice temps, 15,000 women, lots of cheer and happiness, and those beautiful men in suits waiting at the end to give you that special blue box. 

I guess I got pretty excited toward the end of the run as my mile 12 was a sub 8 mile! Crossing the finish and being ushered into the finish area to receive all the goodies was of course the best part. A handsome man in a tux was holding a silver platter full of Tiffany Blue boxes. After getting this special “finisher’s medal” I proceeded to get my finisher’s shirt and all the water and food that I wanted. I also loved that they gave you a Tiffany’s bag to carry all your stuff in. 

Glad to have gotten in on this inaugural run in DC – now I’ve just got to conquer the hills of San Fran! 

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