Choosing Races

Every year I think about where I’d like to travel and what I’d like to run before figuring out where I’ll toe the line. Sometimes I stay local and sometimes I throw down big. This year (2015) I’ve had a little of both. I started the season with a half marathon in West Bend, WI crossing Wisconsin off my 50 States list. I’m also going to the Bellin Run 10K in a few weeks over in Green Bay as it’s one of the largest 10Ks in the country and should be fun! Plus Jon and I’ll get to see Green Bay as well as Door County. We are also running the Chicago Rock and Roll Half Marathon which is about 3.5 hours away so a little bit of travel but no flying necessary. My big race of the year is in August- Seawheeze in Vancouver. I’m hopeful there will get to be a little bit of traveling while in town but it will just depend on flights/hotel etc as I have yet to book anything.

Runcations are now a thing in the running community and as you can see from my bucket list I’ve got quite a few races that are quite the travel opportunity. Making a trip out of a race let’s you 1) exercise on vacation and 2) travel to places that you may or may not normally visit. Or in the case of Disney gives you an opportunity to visit theme parks. 🙂

As I mentioned in my bucket list I’d like to run in all 50 states so as I choose races going forward this will probably be a large factor in my selections. Of course I’m sure a little bit of “life” will happen between now and then but it’s good to have goals right?? 

Next year, I’m thinking about completing the Coast-to-Coast that Disney offers for races in both parks in one year. I’m also thinking about going for a marathon. After watching this year’s Boston Marathon I’d really like to get to the point where I could qualify. So in essence I guess I’m chasing the unicorn? Who knows really? I’m also interested in RNR Vegas and lastly we’d really like to get in the proposed honeymoon trip to Ireland- and maybe just maybe that’ll fit in around the RNR Dublin. 

Stay tuned for where the road takes us. 

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