Working out on Vacation

It’s always been said that it’s hard to have the motivation to work out when you go on vacation. Since I got Jon on board with running he’s been good about getting me up to get our runs in before we go off and have fun during the day. We’re going to be put on a real test in the next two weeks as we journey to NC to visit family and friends and spend a week at the beach. I’ve got lots of running clothes packed, flip belt and water bottle and am planning on pounding the pavement as much as possible while we’re away. 

In the last couple of weekends we’ve been to Chicago (full recap to come on Friday) and then to Green Bay/Door County- and have run on both trips! Super proud of us. In Chicago we were staying really close to the Lakefront Trail and were able to get in mid-distance runs in prep for our race in Green Bay. Then of course this weekend when we completed the Bellin and then spent the rest of our time walking around time we felt good about getting in our fitness for the weekend. 

It’s hard though. When you’re eating differently, beer tasting or just in general extreme relaxing- making sure to stick to a work out plan is definitely difficult. I know in the past (say xmas this year) I had planned on running at least every other day- which I stuck to for about a week and then completely failed on the second week. Here’s hoping that this next trip (despite the ridiculous heat!!) will go better!

I’ll try to update this post on my return. Until then- if you’re reading- let me know your thoughts about working out on vacation? Has it worked for you? What are your secrets to getting it done?

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