A Paper Anniversary


Chippewa Falls & Wausau, WI | July 12, 2015 | We made it! One year and no one died! Victory!! Originally we had thought we’d celebrate in August with a trip to Vancouver (I’m still going on said trip for a race) but with Jon’s new job starting on August 1 he couldn’t come and so what would have been a 2 week trip for our anniversary is just now a weekend for me. So yes- our anniversary. We were moving in 5 days so most of our stuff was gone and things were winding down for us in Point so what to do?? 

Check out a few other breweries that we hadn’t yet visited. So since Leinenkugel is big in Wisconsin and in the US for that matter we decided to drive over to Chippewa Falls for a bit. Not too bad a drive and boy were there lots of people there! We did a tasting and wandered around their gift shop (which was huge). 

Then we decided to head back to Wausau to walk around some of their parks by the water.  We had an interesting time but it was a nice walk and I took some fun photos of course. Then we headed to Great Dane for a bit before ending the day eating Mexican. 

For our ‘paper gifts’ I gave Jon a printout for Golf Lessons once we arrive at VT and he gave me a beautiful anniversary journal so I can keep track of our anniversaries over the years with photos and mementos. He did better on the paper thing than me- but hey there are many years to come!!

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