Asheville Turkey Trot 5K


Asheville, NC | November 24, 2015 | Time: 32:06 | Well. I’m still working on that comeback. The Asheville Turkey Trot was my first real race back after injury and while I felt decently prepared, the hills still took me by surprise. It was my first run in my Oiselle singlet and I wore it with pride as I battled up and down the hills to get back to the finish.

The first mile I felt great- powered up the first hill (and maybe was pushing a bit too hard- my goal was around 27 mins). And I was feeling pretty good until mid-mile two. That hill killed me. It felt like it went on forever and my pace shot way down. So while I had been feeling pretty good- just like that I went to feeling miserable- especially realizing my first flight was not going to be a PR. Womp womp. Anyhow I pushed through to the end and finished with my head held high- disappointed that I hadn’t done better but then remembering that this was the first real race I had tried since 7 months of pain and time off. After that I felt pretty accomplished.

I also had the pleasure of meeting two lovely members of Oiselle Team NC. Mary from Asheville who was there to cheer us on and Andie of Raleigh who is one of the elite members and ridiculously fast. Andie finished in race in fourth, first woman in 17 minutes. I was still huffing and puffing up the second hill around that time. She is a beast! And even though she finished so quickly- she and Mary hung around to cheer me through the finish. 

It is so nice to be a part of something like Oiselle. When I joined back in August I wasn’t sure how it was going to be since I’m far from any other birds. But coming down to NC and hopefully as I get my running back on track, visiting other states, etc. I’ll meet up with more birds. Everyone is so nice and makes me feel great about joining. πŸ™‚

So while this wasn’t my best race, I’m glad I pushed through out there and finished with my head up and wings out. Now onto more training and getting some goals conquered this spring!

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