Chaos Mountain Brewery

Callaway, VA | November 17, 2015 | We were looking for a fun day activity and decided to check out one of the nearby breweries. It was about 45 minutes from us and their hours worked out with the time we had free so we headed to Chaos Mountain for the day. To get there really was like going over the river and through the woods… oh and over top of a giant mountain. Of course after we drove there we discovered there was a much easier way than the way google had taken us. But hey that made for part of the adventure.

Anyway upon arrival, we headed inside the brightly colored building to taste! We had seen a few of their beers in the store but they had a lot of exclusives on tap. I opted for only tastings- taking in all the had to offer except their IPAs- so tasted a total of 8. We did break for lunch in the middle with some wraps and nachos from a local food truck. 

Everything was tasty and we had a great time! They also have space for cornhole and have bands on weekends. Their artwork is really cool and the beer was quite delightful. My favorite of course was their pumpkin beer- The Legless Horseman, which isn’t sold in stores. Hopefully we’ll make a trip back soon!

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