#ChasetheBird Challenge


November 2015 | For the month of November (well until Thanksgiving) Oiselle issued a challenge called #chasethebird. If you did 15 minutes of activity a day and logged it on some social media platform using the hashtag you’d be entered to win free goodies.

A chance at free Oiselle meant I was game to participate. So for 26 days I did a run, strength workout, dog walk, etc to make sure I completed my day’s activity and then posted it on instagram. Now I’m always weary about posts like this because of fear of losing real friends and not just fitness followers. Surprisingly though I only gained! So maybe I’m not too annoying on there ;p. 

Anyway at the end I was back into running, and while I didn’t do well at the Asheville 5K– it was nice to be back out there again. Made me realize how much I’d missed it while I was injured. Below are all my photos- plenty of cute Loki shots amongst the workout ones!

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