New Year’s Beer Dinner

Rehoboth Beach, DE | December 30-January 2, 2016 | We opted to spend our New Years at Dogfish again with Cara and Eric. After driving back from NC and dropping all our holiday goodies off in Blacksburg we headed up to Rehoboth. It was quite the foggy day but after some traffic we finally got to the beach. C&E weren’t arriving until the next day so Jon and I chose to go to Cilantro for a quick Mexican dinner and then grabbed some drinks at the brewpub. We then called it a night as the holidays start to catch up with you after a while.

NY Eve dawned and we headed over to the brewery for some tastings, beer supplies and lunch brats. Cara and Eric made it to town to join us there for a bit before we all headed back to the hotel to rest before our dinner. I took a walk down to the main drag to stop by the pharmacy to get some drugs for Jon. He was fighting a head cold and not feeling great. I didin’t have much luck BUT I did score a 50% off Oiselle running shirt from Run & Tri in Rehoboth. So THAT was exciting. Then it was time to change and head over for our beer dinner. Now- the premise was that with each course we’d get two beers and there were 10 courses… so yeah 20 beers. Needless to say by the end we didn’t finish the last ones. The courses were delightful and a photo montage is at the end to see all the beers and food courses. I think I got almost all of them. So yes by the time we hit midnight we were tired, a little wasty face and ready to crash. Happy New Year.

Friday morning dawned and I knew I had to get up- I had told Cara I’d meet her at 8am (why) for a run- and I wanted to break out the new fancy Garmin 225 watch. It was brisk but we ran the boardwalk and one of the streets downtown for a total of 2.6 miles. Considering how the night before went I was pretty proud of us!

We met up again at 11 for brunch at Victoria’s. We’d been there the year before and the breakfast was so tasty that we decided we had to go again. It did not disappoint. I even had a mimosa- delightful. Then it was time for football games and so we headed over to the Green Turtle for an afternoon of snacking, football and beers. Dinner was at Dos Locos and then we finished off the evening again at Dogfish. I mean when you’re there for the beer- you’ve got to get as much as possible right??

Saturday morning I got up again for a run- 3.25 this time around before we packed up and got ready to head home. We said goodbye to Cara and Eric and then grabbed breakfast from The Point before traveling the 7 hours back to Blacksburg. All in all a good new years indeed!

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