10K Time Trial

Greensboro, NC | May 1, 2021 | Time: 54:51 | Yeah, buddy – knocked this out of the park!

Wahoo a new 10K PR!! It’s been awhile since I took on this distance even though I’d been bringing my PR time down during some of my training runs. It was fun to go all out and see what I really could do.

I was gifted cooler temps and lower humidity so it made for a great day!! All of my miles (except pesky mile 4) were under 9mins and if it hadn’t been for that one I’d have been even faster!! 8:48-8:51-8:53-9:13-8:44-8:43

So happy to have a new PR in the 10K! Now bring on all the distance as I gear up for marathon training!!??!!

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