March 2022 Stats

Let’s just call this the month of rest. I’m not sure if it was due to the new job as a new stressor or my lack of strength training but I bombed out hard at my half marathon. There were many many issues that day (which you can read about in that post) but safe to say afterwards I was NOT interested in running and needed a straight up break.

I took a full week off and just slept. And then slowly started back but kept most of my weekdays short, no speed, rest days instead of crosstraining, and long run being 6miles at most.

Finally toward the end of the month did I start feeling like myself again and want to get out for my runs. I think I need to get my strength back in session so have to figure out my schedule. And make sure I factor in rest- since I was obviously burned out mentally.

  • 19 days active
  • 66 miles
  • 4 stretch sessions
  • 12 REST days

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