Pig Pounder 5K

Greensboro, NC | April 10, 2022 | Time: 29:29 | Run a race for fun?! Sounds counter to my DNA haha

Pre-Covid and pre-babies I went out hard in every single race attempting to best my previous times. I forgot to have fun a lot of the time and beat myself up when I didn’t perform up to my own standards.

Starting over post-partum and hiring a coach really taught me how to run well and enjoy it. But then of course covid hit and no races happened for a long time.

So Sunday afternoon I finally finally ran a race just for fun.

I was coming out of big ol race funk after Myrtle Beach where I hadn’t been running as much, no strength training was happening and I just felt like blah. This was an afternoon race (something out of my norm) and it was hot y’all. Plus holy hills.

So fun- fun was had. I just ran and smiled and enjoyed myself. Do I wish I’d run a little faster? Sure – but this reminded me why I get up every morning and workout, why I enjoy the endorphin rush, and why I sure as heck love running across finish lines. Afterwards I was so inspired I decided to buckle down in my own training and GET BACK TO WORK. I want to kick ass at my fall marathon so gonna get that base good and ready over the next weeks and maybe pop into a few more races just for kicks. πŸ™‚

Oh and the Pig Pounder? Solid race! Might run next year. Despite the heat and hills we ran through pretty neighborhoods and ended up back near the brewery for after race drinks. Plus I got to see Vanessa and Donna who I hadn’t seen in person in over a year. Loved it.

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